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On this site you will find all kind of scientific information about Anthozoa. Since there are many scientists studying zooxanthellate corals, this site is mainly dedicated to the more neglected groups within the Anthozoa. It was created as communication platform for scientists studying anthozoan taxonomy, biology, ecology, phylogeny and biogeography including traditional and modern methods. It should especially enhance discussions and exchange of information within the  Anthozoologists. It should also supply information that may be useful for other scientists and anybody interested in anthozoans.

Vreni Häussermann & Günter Försterra

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Mass mortality of Desmophyllum dianthus in the Comau fjord

Cold-water corals in Chilean Patagonia

Calcifying cnidarians or hard corals are by far the most important structure-building marine organisms on earth. They create entire ecosystems and provide habitat and substrate for thousands of species throughout all taxa. Today we know that more than half of the coral reefs and structures are located in deep and cold waters. While most of these cold-water coral reefs are located in depths where research is complicated, at a few places in the world deep-water emergence brings cold-water coral communities close to the surface.

The channels and fjords of Chilean Patagonia are one of these places. Here hard corals that were hitherto known from the continental slope down to 2500 m can be found on hard substrata as shallow as 7 m and form an important part of the hard bottom biocenoses.

Studing the Marine Life of Chilean Patagonia

We only conserve what we love,
we only love what we understand,
we only understand what we are taught.

Dr. Vreni Häussermann

Dr. Vreni Häussermann

Director of
Huinay Scientific Field Station

Under her direction, Huinay Scientific Field Station has become one of the most active and productive research facilities of Chilean Patagonia, with more than 100 publications up to date. She is promoting and carrying out multi-disciplinary research that is needed to facilitate conservation and sustainable resource management in this region. She is dedicated to baseline research projects such as species inventories and studies of patterns in biological diversity through space and time.

Günter Försterra Dipl. Biol.

Managing Scientists/Scientific Coordinator of
Huinay Scientific Field Station

In 2009, together with Vreni Häussermann he edited and published the first comprehensive taxonomic field guide of marine benthic invertebrates of Chilean Patagonia, the first marine field guide for multiple groups of organisms in the fjord region. His research topics include benthic invertebrate ecology, especially cold-water corals, fjord regions and marine protected areas. He was the principal investigator of two research projects (Fondecyt, OBIS) including the ongoing project on mortalities of cold-water corals mentioned in this webpage.

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